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At ClearPath we take a team approach focused on you. Your goals are unique and our planning must reflect your circumstances. And we will be with you if things change so that you can find your ClearPath.


As a small business owner, monitoring your daily operations is already stressful enough even without having to deal with accounting and tax paperwork. One of the best investments you can make for your small business is hiring a tax expert like ClearPath to manage your finances so you can focus more on dealing with the daily hustle and bustle of running your business.

At ClearPath, our goal is to help local businesses grow and thrive through our efficient tax planning and accounting small business services. If you need help starting a business, cleaning up your bookkeeping, setting up QuickBooks, handling payroll, or business coaching and consulting, our team of financial experts has got you covered. Our experience, resources, and attention to detail make our tax and accounting small business services second-to-none. At ClearPath Financial Group, we look forward to improving your business’ financials as we work with you to establish both short and long-term strategies to ensure growth and profitability.

Secure the future of your business by collaborating with ClearPath. Call us today at (913) 696-1919 to learn about our full range of financial small business services.

We Will Help Your Small Business Prosper

Our team of fidicuary advisors and tax specialists will work together with you to help make the best decisions for your business’ financial future.

QuickBooks Services / Education

Since its inception, QuickBooks has become one of the most in-demand programs in the market that helps businesses in keeping their financial records in order and easily accessible. However, it can be difficult to navigate because there is a steep learning curve to fully maximize its benefits and features.

Our team of QuickBooks experts will teach you exactly what you need to know about the program for a smooth and user-friendly experience. Once you have eased your way into using QuickBooks and learned how to utilize the software to your advantage, we will then assist you with QuickBooks “housekeeping” to help you customize reports, tie up stray pieces, and make sure your general ledger balances along with your subsidiary records. Utilizing our QuickBook services is a small investment considering the amount of savings that you will get from it long term.

Payroll Services

Running a business can be tricky especially if you do not have an experienced payroll officer or accounting small business services firm to help you with administrative tasks and tax paperwork. In fact, one of the biggest challenges faced by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Kansas City Metro area is payroll processing. Fortunately, ClearPath Financial Group offers a full range of cost-effective payroll services to help you manage your staff and run your business more efficiently.

We specialize in all aspects of payroll processing including printing and depositing paychecks, managing deductions and withholding taxes, making electronic tax payments, comprehensive payroll reporting, and more.

Strategic Business Coaching

A strategic business plan is instrumental to making sure that your team has a unified vision and a clear sense of direction to achieve a common goal. It will not only help you to obtain financing for your business but also assure that all your bases are covered as you begin or continue your venture.

At ClearPath, we offer strategic business coaching services that will help you in creating a solid strategic plan to help your business succeed. We will help to identify the weak spots in your existing business plan and back it up with realistic, thoroughly researched, and quantifiable benchmarks for evaluating results. ClearPath is more than just your tax partner. We will “take you by the hand” in every aspect of your business to preserve your legacy for generations to come.

Non-Profit Business Consultation

If you want to set up or maintain your tax-exempt status as a non-profit business, you are required to meet very specific expense and income classifications. In fact, the IRS determines your eligibility through your yearly income statements, yearly balance sheets, individual program expense statements, and revenue support schedules.

The way you set up your bookkeeping and accounting system plays a crucial role for you to maintain your non-profit status. Fortunately, our team of tax professionals at ClearPath Financial Group can help you in creating the necessary bookkeeping systems and even take care of filing the forms for you on a yearly basis.

Small Business Formation

In order to make sure that your business succeeds beyond the initial desire and thrill of fulfilling a dream, you must take the time to develop a dynamic business plan and gather all pertinent information before you decide to begin your venture.

By collaborating with us, we will leverage our years of experience in the financial industry to prevent you from becoming another failed business statistic. Our team of financial advisors will keep you away from all the mistakes that many new business owners make. We will help you to start your business right by creating a dynamic and strategic business plan and providing a full range of financial management small business services to ensure that your business will grow and thrive.

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At ClearPath, our full range of financial small business services for small businesses give you the foundation needed to secure the future of your company. Our team is committed to providing innovative tax and accounting services that will help to support your growing business. Let us help you do your taxes and manage your accounting systems so you can focus on what’s more important – generating profit. Call our team of experts today at (913) 696-1919 and take your first step towards financial success.

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