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We will work to create real tax resolution integration with your wealth management and financial plans. Our team of licensed experts deliver timely, targeted advice in coordination with your financial team. Our tax services include:

  • Preparing and filing federal, state, and local taxes.
  • Coordinate investments within an overall financial plan. Your team will work together to create a tax efficient investment strategy.
  • Recommend tax efficient gifting strategies
  • Resolve past tax filings to correct errors, non-filed returns or help advise regarding tax relief plans.


No matter how diligent you are in filing the right taxes, there may come a time when you will find yourself in trouble with the IRS or other tax regulatory agencies due to innocent mistakes. If you are already in tax debt or under IRS audit, contact ClearPath immediately for help. Our team of licensed CPAs can help resolve your issues regarding IRS audits, back taxes, and other tax-related problems.

It is important to take note that the IRS does not assume guilt when they audit you. An investigation might be initiated after a random selection or after questions are raised because there are discrepancies on your tax returns. Audits can come as an opportunity to clarify these discrepancies and clear yourself of any charges that may have unfairly brought against you. ClearPath is here to provide tax resolution services and put an end to the tremendous stress that the IRS can put you through.

Whether you need help resolving back taxes, representation during an audit, or getting rid of a lien or levy on your Kansas City property, ClearPath has got you covered. Call us now at (913) 696-1919 for more details.

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Our team of fidicuary advisors and tax specialists will work together with you to help make the best decisions for your financial future.

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Payroll Tax Protection

Failing to pay your payroll taxes is one of the worst things you could do as a business owner. In fact, the penalties for tax delinquency are more severe than with any other tax penalty, so make sure that you file your taxes on time to avoid serious legal consequences and hefty fines. The IRS is very aggressive in pursuing these types of infractions and will not hesitate to seize your assets, sell your properties at auction, or eliminate your means of making a living. 

If you are behind on payroll taxes, it is critical that you seek help from a tax professional who understands the taxation process and how the IRS operates. At ClearPath Financial Group, we will help you in dealing with the IRS to preserve your ability to stay in business.

IRS Issues Settlement Representation

Our team of tax experts can help with tax resolution legally and ethically by utilizing the “Offer in Compromise” program by the IRS. This program can help you negotiate a tax settlement that is less than what you actually owe to clear your debt. In general, it can be used when your taxes were incorrectly assessed or when your total tax liability is more than what you can afford to pay.

When presented correctly to the IRS, this might mean that your tax liability can be lessened for as low as 5-15% of the original total amount. At ClearPath, our experienced tax specialists will determine if you are qualified for the “Offer in Compromise” program or if another tax payment plan is more suitable for your needs.

Non-Filed Returns Filing

Tax interest and penalties add up lightning fast. If you have failed to file a tax return on time because you did not have the money to pay what was owed, or you have filed but simply did not pay, you have gotten yourself into quite a predicament. And the more you let this situation go, the more likely you will suffer from serious legal consequences and hefty fines. At ClearPath, we will help you in filing all delinquent tax returns and create a plan of action to help you remedy the situation.

IRS Relief

Most married couples file their tax returns jointly. There are certainly benefits to this, but if there were certain “errors” or “mistakes” on your joint return and it was your (present or former) spouse’s fault, you could be in luck. Under certain circumstances, you may be resolved of any misdeeds of a spouse or former spouse who has committed income tax fraud.

To ensure yourself the best possible outcome, it is imperative to take action as soon as you realize that there is a problem with your joint income tax return. ClearPath will review your situation and help to determine your options and file for “Innocent Spouse Relief” when necessary.

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At ClearPath, we are committed to providing useful and efficient solutions for all of your tax-related needs. Our in-house accountants and lawyers are here to help you through any tax issues, including audits and disputes with the IRS. We are dedicated to resolving your tax problems as quickly as possible so that you can get your life and business back on track in no time. If you need professional tax resolution services in the greater Kansas City Metro area, ClearPath has got your back. Call us today at (913) 696-1919 for a free initial consultation.

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